I started doing business in 2004 under the name "Loco Lobo Photographic Arts" as an result of my life long passion for photography. I changed the name of the business to Talespin Media in 2014 to better reflect my passion for storytelling using stills and multimedia video.

I specialize in covering adventure and extreme events, very often in unfriendly environments and out-of-the-way locations. For the last several years, I have focused, so to speak, on sled dogs, wild Alaska and the natural world that is threatened by climate change and "progress".

I am published regularly in a variety of periodicals as well as online. I have covered sled dog races like the Yukon Quest, Iditarod, and Open North American Championship, as well as other competitions such as the White Mountains 100 and Tour de Fairbanks.

I maintain a kennel of a dozen-or-so sled dogs and enjoy traveling the winter trails in the Interior of Alaska.